Welcome to Urs & Mine!


Are you a performer or creator that is tired of skeezy internet marketplaces?
Us too.
Urs & Mine was created as a one-stop marketplace made by creators from OnlyFans, Chaterbate, and other adult entertainment communities.
We are the first platform that gives you 100% control of your own products. When you use Urs & Mine, you're connecting directly with your fans in a way that is ALL your own.
Our passion to give back to our fans drives our platform. Nothing is more intimate than that personalized, special piece. As a buyer, you are connecting with your favorite performers in a way that no one else can.
Whether you're a Buyer or a Seller, a safe and efficient marketplace is our utmost priority. Every interaction on Urs & Mine is one that is anonymous. Only the performer and the fan are in the know.