Seller FAQ

On Urs&Mine you can sell panties, bras, socks, toys, and special lingerie. We are looking forward to expanding this selection and will review new item categories.

Urs&Mine can rival the earnings you make streaming or making adult content with minimal effort. It can also be a great side income if you want to take things slow. This all depends on your already established fanbase. Only a few sales a week can make you four to five figures a month! Sky's the limit!

Check out our step-by-step guide that covers: creating an account, customizing your shop, adding products, and managing orders.

Profits are paid out at a bi-weekly schedule and will encompass all your sales during that time period. You have the option of getting paid through a bank wire transfer or in cryptocurrency.

Currently we are only accepting US sellers and US customers.

Urs&Mine will not show your address information on our store website.

For maximum anonymity when shipping you can rent a cheap PO box, use online mail forwarding platforms, or update the shipping label to remove return addresses at your local USPS. There are tons of options to stay completely anonymous. Just make sure that this shipping information is added to the address, city, state, zip code fields in your "My Account" section.

Make sure you take advantage of decorating your store and adding pictures/videos to your products. Then all you have to do is advertise your store link to your fans! Urs&Mine is the perfect addition to what you are already doing, just interact with your fans!

We are the only marketplace that takes the hassle out of selling. On other sites this becomes a full-time job. Instead of starting all over and rebuilding a fanbase you can leverage your already established content and online persona. Urs&Mine cuts out all the hours of customer outreach and negotiation. We make shipping easy by automatically create shipping labels for you. Just print and send! We also process your payments unlike other marketplaces where you can get scammed and have to deal with getting every single customer payment directly. Thanks to the ease of Urs&Mine you can focus on your streaming and content creation while adding another revenue stream to your business!

Urs&Mine takes a 20% commission. In return, we offer the only marketplace that does all the heavy lifting for you by removing the countless hours of work negotiating with customers, creating shipping labels, and processing your own payments.

Buyer FAQ

Simply add to cart and checkout. We pride ourselves on being the easiest to use and most efficient marketplace for used panties. Once you fill out your shipment details and payment information you will be notified when your item has been shipped.

Our platform is the only marketplace made specifically to help you connect more with your favorite adult content creators on the internet. Urs&Mine is incredibly simple and discreet. If you have any questions feel free to reach out and contact us!

Urs&Mine only supports cryptocurrency payments. Cryptocurrency payments will help keep you anonymous and make transactions discreet. Don't worry, sending these payments and buying cryptocurrency using your credit card only takes a few minutes. Learn more in our guide here.

No. Other marketplaces are a hassle and require you to reach out to sellers, negotiate, and discuss payment and shipping. Not only is this time consuming, but this also exposes you to possible scammers. These marketplaces don't do much other than introducing you to the seller. Urs&Mine makes this process safer, more efficient, and easier for you to fulfill your desires!

Unfortunately at the moment we do not offer international shipping or payments.

Check seller profiles and policies before making a purchase. Each seller will have different times it will take for your item to be ready to ship. Usually this period is only a few days. Once your item has been shipped out, you will be notified via email with a tracking number.

We advise against returns for many reasons including hygiene, but this policy is completely up to the seller once the transaction and shipment is complete. Urs&Mine does not handle returns and refund. Urs&Mine will only provide a refund if the Seller never ships out your ordered item after a two-week period.

If the seller accepted your order and has not shipped out your item after a four week period you can be entitled to a refund. In this case just email our customer support at shop@ursandmine.com

Only if you want the item to be delivered to your home. There are many other options like PO boxes you can use to receive items without any link to your home address.