How to Start Buying on Urs&Mine

Found Your Favorite Seller?

Has a product from one of our sexy sellers caught your eye? Simply add the item to cart and checkout. You will be prompted to select a shipping method and fill out your shipping information.

Once completed you can pay with Bitcoin using the Coinbase checkout option. Paying with cryptocurrency is incredibly simple, fast, and easy to do! It also help keep you and your desires 100% anonymous.

You can use your own crypto wallet, CashApp, or any other services to send bitcoin through the Coinbase checkout option. Once you click checkout you will be transferred to the payment portal. Just send the amount listed and wait for confirmation! You will be sent an email when the transaction is confirmed and when the seller is ready to process your order.

New to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

Don't worry! Using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to purchase on Urs&Mine is incredibly fast and easy! There are tons of options and ways to buy Bitcoin with your credit card in minutes.

Beginners Guide to Bitcoin

Bitcoin may seem daunting and complex, but it's actually quite straightforward and simple to use. Buying and sending Bitcoin is not much different than using Paypal or other payment options. You also have many different services that can help make the process even easier. There are lots of exchanges and even wallet phone apps that help you buy and send crypto in seconds!

To find all ways you can buy Bitcoin use BuyBitcoinWorldwide and find the best option for you!

Using Bitcoin Exchanges

If it's your first time purchasing Bitcoin we highly recommend using CashApp because of its ease of use and accessibility.

- Get started using CashApp: Guide to Buying Bitcoin & Guide to Sending Bitcoin

You can also use Coinbase or CoinGate which are popular options. Be aware, some exchanges like Coinbase may have a waiting period before you can transfer your Bitcoin to external wallets.

- Get started using Coinbase: Step-by-step video guide for buying Bitcoin

- Get started using CoinGate: Guide and FAQ

These exchanges provide you with a "wallet" where you can store, send, and receive Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. If you have a smart phone you can also download free "wallet" phone apps that allow you to make payments and store Bitcoin. Wallet and exchange apps give you the ability to buy Bitcoin with credit/debit cards or bank transfers as well.

Already Have Bitcoin? Here's How to Send It

When you make a purchase on Urs&Mine you will be redirected to a cryptocurrency payment portal that will give you our unique cryptocurrency wallet address. Here you will find easy directions helping you send the payment.

We will calculate the amount owed in Bitcoin or your selected cryptocurrency. All you have to do is Scan the QR code or input our unique payment address using your wallet (CashApp, Coinbase, etc.) and send the payment. That's it! Everything will be automatic and you will be notified when the payment has been confirmed. Once the payment is confirmed the Seller will accept your order and begin shipping out your items.