Urs&Mine Sellers Guide

Why sell with us & how to get started today

Why Sell Used Panties?

Urs&Mine is a premium marketplace that provides you with a significant opportunity to grow your income while connecting with fans on a much more personal level. Selling your used panties and other sexy items on Urs&Mine can help you unlock a brand new revenue stream for your business in addition to your income from subscriptions and tips.

We are the only streamlined marketplace that is not too time-consuming for content creators. You only need a handful of sales to start making thousands of extra dollars a month. To find out more check out the potential earnings infographic below.

Why Sell With Us?

Urs&Mine is the only marketplace made specifically for content creators. We know how busy you already are interacting with fans and making new content daily.

Other sites are way too time-consuming and inefficient requiring your full-time effort and attention. These sites make you sift through messages and negotiate with each and every potential buyer. Most of the time these buyers aren't even serious and just end up wasting your time. They won't even process your transactions; you have to do it by yourself off-site. If other sites leave you to do everything alone, what's the point?

Urs&Mine is the only marketplace that takes the hassle out of selling. On other sites this becomes a full-time job. Urs&Mine cuts out all the hours of customer outreach and negotiation. We make shipping easy by automatically create shipping labels for you. Just print and send! We also process your payments unlike other marketplaces where you can get scammed and have to deal with getting every single customer payment directly. Thanks to the ease of Urs&Mine you can focus on your streaming and content creation while adding another revenue stream to your business. Our goal at Urs&Mine is to make it as easy as possible for you to sell to your fans; allowing you to sell more and earn more.

Urs&Mine provides you with full creative freedom to sell as you please. Instead of starting all over and rebuilding a fanbase on another site you can leverage your already established content and online persona. Other sites will charge you monthly fees and sign-up fees even if you aren't making any sales. You will never have to pay to start selling on Urs&Mine. We only take a small flat rate from each sale. When we process your sales you can choose to get paid in USD or crypto.

How To Start Selling

Creating your very own personalized shop on Urs&Mine only takes a few minutes. To start selling follow these simple instructions:

1) Create your account by clicking the Seller Login section. Once your account is created click on the "Profile" header and select "My Account".

2) Upload a profile picture, store logo, store banner, and fill out all required fields (customers won't be able to see your specific location details). For a more successful store we recommend adding a store description with details about yourself and links to your platforms, your seller policy (no-refunds etc.) and how long it will usually take for your items to be ready to ship.

3) That's it! You're now ready to upload items to sell! To do this go to "Product Listings" and click "Add Product" at the top right.

Tips and Best Practices

1) Pictures and videos of your product and of yourself are key to standing out and having a successful store.

2) In your product description be sure to mention how long you wore the underwear and the activities performed while wearing it.

3) We recommend a no return policy in your description since we do not offer returns. Only customers that never get their order fulfilled would be entitled to a refund.

4) When shipping seal your items in a Ziploc bag to keep them fresh. We also suggest using colorful wrapping paper, spraying a light body spray, and writing a cute thank you note to show your appreciation for the buyer!

5) Advertising your store to your fanbase is key! Share your store url link on social media and all performance platforms using tools like Linktree.

6) For maximum anonymity when shipping you can rent a cheap PO Box, use online mail forwarding platforms, or update a shipping label to remove return addresses at your local USPS. There are tons of options to stay completely anonymous. Just make sure that this shipping information is added to the address, city, state, zip code fields in your "My Account" section.

7) If you wore a specific item in an OnlyFans post or Cam session be sure to include that in the product description! You can also markup the item price for special items like these.