Selling on Urs&Mine (Tutorial)

Creating your very own store only takes a few minutes. If you need help, this guide is here to explain how to create your account, use the seller portal, decorate your shop, add items to sell, and give you all the information you need to become a successful seller!

Store/Seller Account Creation 

  • Create your account by clicking the "Seller Login" section.
  • Under "Login To My Account" click "Join Now".
  • Here you will fill out your information, name your store, and create a password. Click "Create My Account" and you are all done!


Store Creation

  • Once your account is created click on the "Profile" header and select "My Account". (Image below for reference).
  • Here you can upload a profile picture, store logo, store banner, and fill out all required fields (customers won't be able to see your specific location details). For a more successful store we recommend adding a store description with details about yourself and links to your platforms, your seller policy (no-refunds / how long it will usually take for your items to be ready to ship etc.).
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Customers will not be able to see your personal address details when viewing your store. However, customers may see your shipping address on the shipping label once an order is placed. Therefore, you DO NOT need to provide an address if you don't want customers to see these details on the shipping label. You are only required to put a correct State and Zip code so we can calculate shipping costs and provide you a shipping label. For maximum anonymity and the ability to accept returns we recommend using a mail-forwarding service or PO Box.




We recommend you copy this Seller Policy example below. Feel free to add any pertinent information and other specific policies you may want to implement.

Note: Urs&Mine will only offer refunds if a seller never ships an item. We do not handle shipping for returns. If you want to offer this policy you will have to reach out to the buyer and implement this policy yourself.

Shipping Policy:
Ready to ship in (x) business days after order has been placed and payment has been confirmed.
Ships out using: USPS
Urs&Mine will send you an email with a tracking number once the item has been shipped.

Returns and Exchange Policy:
No returns or refunds. 
Urs&Mine will refund a payment if an order has never been sent or shipped after a two week period. please contact their support for more information.


Enable Shipping

Before you can add a product you will need to enable shipping. Head to "Configuration" and click "Shipping Methods". Look for ShipStation and click the three dots under the "Action" column and select "enable". You are now ready to add products and begin selling!

Urs&Mine will now be able to automatically make shipping labels for you. You do not have to pay for these labels or for shipping. The customer pays Urs&Mine for the shipping costs, just make sure you select the correct shipping package according to the customers order.


Add Products

  • In your Seller Dashboard click the "Products" section and select "Product Listings".
  • On the top right of dashboard you should see a purple icon labeled "+ Add Product".
  • Once selected you will be prompted to create your item, upload images, and fill out product information. When finished click "Save Changes" at the bottom and you are done. Your product is now uploaded and available for purchase in your store!
  • See the image below for a detailed description.



Fill Out Product Information

  • Product Name - Example: Sofia's Socks
  • Description - Enter a description for your item here. Be sure to include information like how long you wore the item, what it looks like, and anything else that might interest a buyer.
  • Product Image - Upload images of you wearing the item or the item by itself. Images will help product sales. You can try different aspect ratio's and always change item images later. We recommend a 5:4 image ratio.
  • Collections - This selects which category your item will show up in the product section of Urs&Mine. Use the drop-down and select if this item is considered Panties, Socks, Bras, Toys, or Special Lingerie.
  • Weight -  Estimate the weight of the item in its packaging. Most items will be relatively lightweight.
  • Shipping Method - ShipStation is selected by default. Keep Shipstation selected so we can take care of the shipping when your item is purchased.
  • Dimensions - Click the help icon to see typical package dimensions.
  • Price -  The price you would like to sell your item for.
  • Quantity -  We recommended setting the Quantity to 1. Anytime you have another item to upload you should create a separate product.


We do not recommend you to use the Add Variant option. Instead, for each item you would like to sell repeat the "+Add Product" Process.

When uploading images you can always resize them in Paint. We recommend that you play around with different aspect ratios and sizes to see what image size works best for you. You can always edit your products and re-upload or add images and videos.



Got an Order? Here's How to Manage Your Orders & Start Shipping

Urs&Mine makes fulfilling and shipping your item easy. We will provide you with a shipping label, just print it out and tape it to the package and it's ready to send! Follow these directions and the image below for reference.

When an order is placed you will be notified by Urs&Mine. You will be able to see this order in your "Orders" section under "Orders Listings" on the Seller Dashboard. Before taking any action, please wait until the "Payment Status" says "Paid". It may take an hour for the payment to go through, during this time the payment status will say "Pending"

Once your order is confirmed and the "Payment Status" is "Paid" you can begin shipping. To start his process, in the "Product Listings" section, click the 3 blue dots under the "Action" column and select "View". Here you will see all the relevant Order details. When you are done looking through the information you may "Accept Order" at the bottom of the page.




Fulfilling Your Order and Printing Shipping Labels

Now that you accepted the order you may begin preparing the item. When you are ready to ship and fulfill the order go back and click "View". At the very bottom of the page you will now see a section titled "Fulfillment Details" with a button "Fulfill" (Note: this option will only appear after you accepted the order).

Once you click "Fulfill" you will see a popup. Choose "ShipStation" in the dropdown menu and select the shipping/package option that the customer ordered (Tip: the correct shipping option will be listed as $0.00 since we already paid for the label, you can also double check the customer's shipping option order at the top right of the order page). Click "Agree To Deduct From Earning" (this just means Urs&Mine will use the money that the customer paid for shipping so we can cover the labels for you. This will NOT deducted anything from the price you listed on the item). Now click "Agree and Fulfill".

After you clicked "Agree and Fulfill" you will then be able to view and print the custom shipping label that Urs&Mine provides for you in the "Actions" drop down in the "Additional Order Details" area. Now you're ready to ship! Print out your shipping label and tape it to your package. 




You can order and pickup free USPS packages at any location. Have these boxes on hand for your orders. We recommend using a USPS Small Flat Rate Box. 

In the "Current Order Status" section of the order details page you will see what delivery method the customer used. Use the same package that the customer selected. This allows us to give you more accurate shipping labels and will prevent any errors.

Don't take too long to ship your items. Try to stay within the time period you outlined in your seller policy. Timely shipping will help you ensure repeat customers!


Your Item Sold? What's Next?

  • Package the item nicely. If you sold panties you can put them in a Ziploc bag to retain "freshness". You can also add a thank you note, spray a gentle body spray inside the package, and use colorful wrapping paper. Up to you!
  • Print the shipping label we provided to you and tape it to the package. Try to ship your package within 3 business days or within your specified policy. 
  • Once you shipped your item and it has been delivered you may select "Delivered". Now just wait for a payout by the Urs&Mine team. 


Getting Paid

Once your item is delivered to the buyer you will be eligible for a payout. Urs&Mine will pay you through a bank transfer, or if you want, a Bitcoin payment. If you would like to get paid in cryptocurrency please reach out to the support team. Our payouts are bi-weekly and will only encompass delivered items.

Here is our Q1 payout schedule:

  • 02/15/22
  • 03/01/22
  • 03/15/22
  • 03/29/22

To cash out you will need:

  • A valid bank account with the account holder's name.
  • Checking account number
  • Routing number

In order to get paid, you must enter these details in the "Payment Details" area of the "Profile" section.



MAKE SURE YOUR BANKING DETAILS ARE CORRECT. Errors may cause significant delays or payment cancelations, but we will try our best to help you. Your completed payments will be shown in the "Orders Payments" section of your dashboard.